ADCP Velocities

ADCP data from the Oleander Project are accessible via project’s ERDDAP server.

Data instances are organized by ADCP sonar type (e.g. 150 kHz, 75 kHz, 38 kHz) and cruise. Processed and QC’d data are stored and netcdf trajectoryProfiles using the ERDDAP’s “tabledap” Protocol which enables subsetting by year, month or cruise number and aggregation into a downloadable product.

Title Dataset ID
Oleander 150kHz ADCP profiles oleanderAdcp150kHz
Oleander 75kHz ADCP profiles oleanderAdcp75kHz

CODAS data files (original UHDAS format) are also bundled by year and can be accessed using ERDDAP’s Source Data “files” Protocol.

Title Dataset ID
Oleander 150kHz CODAS bundles oleanderCodas150kHz
Oleander 75kHz CODAS bundles oleanderCodas75kHz


Note: ADCP data acquisition has been interrupted by a combination of circumstances

June 2018-Feb 2019 Failure of the 75kHz unit on the old ship
Feb 2019 – Feb 2020 Installation, testing and factory repair of the ADCP units on the new ship.
Mar 2020 to present Lockdown of the ship during the Covid-19 pandemic prevented reinstallation of the 150 kHz unit.

The 38kHz unit has been negatively affected by noise which will be mitigated when access is re-established.